Au Naturale Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain in Mousse, Concealer in Tulum, and Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil In Coco - Swatch + Review

Hey beauties!

I thought I’d take a second to introduce myself 😘 My name is Paige! 👋🏽

I’m a mommy to an amazing almost-three-year old boy and wife to one sexy Puerto Rican 😅🙏🏽💛 ✨

I guess a good place to start would be here:

After my son was born, I started developing strange rashes on my face–what I later learned was something called perioral dermatitis and heavily linked to my gut health.

My son struggled with a yeast rash at 6 months as well that we battled…for months. Since he was exclusively breastfed, I realized that the foods that were triggering me, also were triggering him. At one point my face got so bad that I couldn’t even wear makeup and all of my holy grails were causing me irritation. Next came the rabbit hole of research that landed me into the awareness of the beauty industry, the toxic ingredients included, and the monopoly of it all–which of course then led me to find healthier clean beauty alternatives. Thankfully there are plenty, and more companies growing each day!!🌿🌻🙌🏽✨

I think it’s important as women and consumers to be informed and to create more awareness.

Until physical allergies triggered me and forced me to look into these things, I never would have questioned them! I thought the industry had our best interest at heart when sadly that’s not the case at all. I plan on sharing with you the brands that I have found that are healthy, natural, and effective and that I love–and even what isn’t working for me. I’m still learning new things, I’m no expert. I don’t know how to contour, I literally just started using powder foundation, so I’m no makeup artist 😅 but I’m so passionate about this stuff because it matters💕 And also, I had such trouble finding colors that worked well with my skin tone upon walking into the “green beauty world” and that’s why I felt compelled to start posting my face and some swatches on here. I might blur the background on my photos to make them look cool, but that’s mainly because the background is probably a mess and might distract from the makeup LOL but seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully qualified enough to be called a beauty blogger. I’m just a mom on a natural health journey. But like, not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom 😎 Lol sike, I’m a total square, but you can follow along if you’d like. 😅

You’ll find posts on here about motherhood, my struggle with postpartum depression, gut health, mental health, my random spews of inspiration, a sprinkle of Jesus (hopefully more and more as we go), and mini diary entries.

You’ll find that I sometimes think in poems, I’m super hippy, and although I’m an open book on here, if you catch me on the street, I’ll probably be super socially awkward and weird—cuz I am.

Anyway, I think that’s everything! If you’d like to take a peek, these might be good places to start 🙂 :

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Reach out if you ever need to or have any questions! I’m always here to talk or help.

Love and light,

Paige Rodriguez autograph