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Hi love.

I’m Paige.

I’m a lover of all things imperfect, believer in Christ, a mommy, wife, and friend. I have a passion for living: fully, authentically, just as you are, and I find comfort in natural connections, solitude, and nature. I’m especially passionate about finding your peace and speaking your truth.

I spent a lifetime rushing through life…

Existing but not reflecting,
surviving but not embracing,
and living without understanding.

I was a chaser of joy, a free-spirit, (or so I thought,) and a daydreamer to the fullest extent.

When I became a mother, something shifted inside my soul.

I had to learn the hard way that the shadows of yesterday will follow you for as long as you run. I had to hit rock bottom to realize that I needed to make peace with my past. I had to be brutally honest with myself about the parts of myself that were my own poison, my own enemy, and I had to find the courage to intentionally make the changes to be the woman I’m most proud to be.

I traveled to the other side of the world to find my center.

To disconnect fully, eliminate all distractions and noise and to finally listen to the whispers of my soul.

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What I learned is that we all go through seasons.

(More on this, here) We are a living part of this earth.

Just like the moon, we go through phases. Just like the trees, we shed our leaves and we plant new seeds and all of it brings new fruit. It is all beautiful. And it is all so very normal–but it does require work. It is a process, part of a greater plan, and we are never broken–just as long as we allow ourselves the freedom to grow.

Now, I’m very intentional about nurturing my mind, body, and soul in all of the ways that I need:

I make time every day to connect with nature…I feel the most centered and in tune with my inner self when I allow myself to focus only on the earth and I’ve realized just how imperative this is for my mental health.
I allow enough stillness in my life so that I never drown out the whispers of my soul again.
I dedicate more time to the Lord, to prayer and devotion, and I reach out to others more.
I nourish my body with healthy foods, practice treating my body with love and respect and seek to live as naturally as possible.

I lovingly welcome others into my journey.

This blog is an invitation for you to join me as I rediscover just who I am in this chapter of my life–as a mother, wife, and woman, and as I actively chase my light.✨ I hope that somewhere in this space you’ll find some inspiration, food for thought, laughter and most importantly, a friend.

I encourage you to follow your own path to purposeful healing, health, and center, no matter what that looks like to others, or even to me… I honor your story and your divine right to happiness. I love connecting with others and meeting new people who are seeking the same things! I can’t wait to be friends!

With love and light,

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